Effortlessly Manage and Track Your Land Assets

Transform how you manage land assets with LotWorks Land, where advanced filtering and straightforward reporting put you in control, enabling swift, informed decisions without the need for spreadsheets — say goodbye to spreadsheets forever.
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Enhanced Collaboration and Customer-Driven Development

LotWorks Land fosters collaboration with customers to continually improve the platform. As a result, you benefit from features and improvements driven by real-world needs and industry insights.

Regular Updates for All Users

Unlike custom software solutions, LotWorks Land ensures all stakeholders receive regular product updates, keeping your total cost of ownership low while staying up-to-date.

Effortless Cloud Access

With a cloud-based system, LotWorks Land offers convenience and accessibility, eliminating the need for in-house servers and ensuring flexibility in your operations.

Flexible Parcel Management

Effortlessly draw, edit, or import parcel data into LotWorks Land, ensuring up-to-date information with no duplication of effort. Customize access and manage joint ventures with ease, tailoring visibility and control to fit your project's needs.

Google Maps Partnership

By leveraging the world's premier online mapping service, we ensure ease of use right from the start, enriched with detailed satellite imagery and street view, enhancing your experience without added costs.

Advanced Visualization and Custom Analytics

LotWorks Land seamlessly integrates customizable data fields, advanced visualization through custom layers, and detailed analytics. Elevate decision-making with insights drawn from easily navigable, scalable map layers and targeted analysis.

Curious about LotWorks Land?

Is it getting difficult to keep track of your raw land targets and assets? Contact us to take a closer look and see the difference LotWorks Land can make in your daily operations.
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