Optimize Land Development <span class="accent-font-blue">with LotWorks</span>

Upgrade your development process with LotWorks, a cloud-based system offering comprehensive features like inventory tracking, mapping, sales tracking, and reporting. Say goodbye to outdated methods and hello to streamlined efficiency.
Navigating Development Challenges with Ease

Mastering the Complexities of Land Development

Land development is fraught with complexities, from adhering to regulations to optimizing resource use. Our platform equips you with the tools to identify market trends and recognize valuable lot premiums. Enjoy unparalleled access to critical data that simplifies decision-making, enabling you to boost your bottom line.

Specially Tailored to Land Developers

Ensure clear communication and consistent data across all your projects with LotWorks, the central hub for builder collaboration.

Eliminate Spreadsheets and Manual Entry

Say goodbye to manual data entry and fragmented spreadsheets. LotWorks provides a centralized inventory system, enhancing visibility and efficiency for your entire team.

Efficient Lot Management

Track and manage lot purchase, status, and take-down agreements effortlessly. With real-time updates, builders can securely access LotWorks to stay informed about lot availability.

Enhance Collaboration and Efficiency

Empower collaboration and boost efficiency with LotWorks. Builders receive secure, selective access to real-time lot updates, facilitating smoother project execution.
Lotworks Develop

Enhancing Project Efficiency and Financial Outcomes

Land developers grapple with the complexities of balancing project timelines and maximizing investment returns. LotWorks Develop directly addresses these challenges, offering clear, actionable insights and operational efficiencies that keep you firmly in command of your projects.

Accurate Demand Forecasting

Gain seamless visibility into lot and home sales through closing, enabling accurate demand forecasting and informed decision-making. Get visual insights and mission-critical reports for every project stage.

Comprehensive Community Management

Manage development intricacies, including architecture, elevations, landscaping, and more, all within LotWorks. Streamline processes and ensure precision with our integrated platform.
Lotworks MapS

Strategic Planning with Precision Mapping

For land developers, strategic foresight and precise planning are non-negotiable. LotWorks Maps transforms your spatial data into a strategic asset, providing a comprehensive overview that informs every decision, from initial land acquisition to final lot sales.

Empower Guest Builders with Data Updating

Give guest builders the power to update information via interactive maps, including crucial demographic insights and survey details, fostering collaboration and data accuracy.

Real-Time Sales Insights

Stay ahead of the curve with LotWorks Maps, tracking real-time sales information, including details like the 'ask to closing price ratio.

Experience <span class="accent-font-green">LotWorks</span> in Action

Are you ready to move past the limitations of spreadsheets and disconnected systems? Discover how you can refine your approach to land development, offering a more straightforward and effective way to manage your projects.


Get quick answers to common questions about how LotWorks meets the unique needs of land development.
How does LotWorks Develop streamline project management for land developers?

LotWorks Develop offers advanced tools for real-time project tracking and data management, simplifying the complexities of land development.

How can LotWorks Maps enhance land development planning and client presentations?

LotWorks Maps provides interactive, detailed visualizations of development projects, aiding in planning and enhancing presentations to clients and stakeholders.

What tools does LotWorks offer for managing multiple land development projects?

LotWorks includes features for managing multiple projects simultaneously, offering advanced filtering, project tracking, and data integration.

What support and training do you offer for LotWorks users in land development?

We offer extensive support and training for LotWorks users, including personalized sessions and ongoing assistance to ensure effective use of the platform in land development.

Client Testimonials

Hear from land developers who have successfully used LotWorks Develop and LotWorks Maps in their projects.
"LotWorks is an essential program and tool for Genesis in the management of our communities and builder groups. LotWorks supports the sale of lots in our communities and helps manage our builder groups requirements including sales, architectural controls and marketing initiatives. I would recommend Lotworks to any developer looking to streamline the management of their communities, builders and lots."
Brian Whitwell
SVP of Asset Management, Genesis Builders Group
"LotWorks has changed the way we do business, they have streamlined the process of managing, selling, and maintaining lots in all of our communities. The system is easy to use and has become a necessity in our day-to-day operations. The tracking, reporting, and all of the lot information you need is all at your fingertips which makes LotWorks indispensable."
Michelle Wilken
Development Coordinator, APEX Land
"The way we can customize the data to our specific needs, is fantastic! It does everything we wanted it to do. As a community developer, knowing what our guest builder’s, customer’s really want, so we can tailor our communities to what the end-customers are looking for."
Erren O’Leary
Senior Vice President, Lewis Management Corp.
"It’s very important for us to understand ongoing sales activity, pricing, and what the value of our land is. Oftentimes you have tools that will give you that information but not in a visual way and that’s really the power of LotWorks."
Matt Sauls
VP Marketing, Lewis Group of Companies
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