Elevate Your Building Projects <span class="accent-font-blue">with LotWorks</span>

Selling more than houses, we're selling dreams—requiring clarity and vision in every presentation. With LotWorks, homebuilders can engage and convert more home buyers online while managing lot inventories more efficiently.
Building Dreams, Simplifying Realities

Direct Solutions for Homebuilding Challenges

In the complex world of home construction and sales, staying organized and proactive is key. With inputs from model home staff, design centers, and architectural designers, LotWorks streamlines communication and collaboration between these parties, facilitating smoother project execution and potentially faster home sales. It holds all crucial details—approved designs, measurements, color schemes, and essential files—centralizing information from multiple contributors.

Tailored Tools for Today’s Homebuilders

LotWorks is dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of homebuilders by providing innovative tools that automate manual processes, track market trends, and deliver real-time data insights.

Access to Real-Time Data

Access up-to-the-minute data on your projects, enabling you to make informed decisions quickly. Stay ahead with insights into absorption rates, visitor traffic, holds, and sales, ensuring you're always equipped with the latest information to guide your strategy and communication.

Reduced Approval Times

Reduce approval times for home construction and simplify the customization process. LotWorks effectively manages variations in color selections, ensuring that different names for similar colors don't slow down decisions or approvals.

Enhanced Inspection Processes

LotWorks supports detailed damage and construction inspection reporting, streamlining the review process. This feature helps in minimizing disputes and ensuring that project standards are maintained, keeping your projects on track and up to standards.
Lotworks Develop

Streamlining Homebuilding from Design to Sale

Homebuilders know all too well the juggling act required to bring a project from blueprint to reality. LotWorks Develop offers a comprehensive suite of features to help manage the entire lifecycle of lots, from initial planning to final sale, while providing valuable insights and improving operational efficiency.

Increased Efficiency and Productivity

LotWorks Develop streamlines workflows by automating tasks like document management, data entry, and reporting. This frees up valuable time and resources for homebuilders to focus on strategic aspects of the project.

Enhanced Decision-Making

Access real-time data and insights into project progress, financials, and potential risks. This allows you to make informed decisions based on accurate information and identify areas for improvement.
Lotworks MapS

Visualizing Success for Every Homebuilder

The challenge of selling not just a house, but a dream, requires more than just words; it demands a vivid portrayal of possibilities. LotWorks Maps bridges this gap, transforming how properties are presented and explored and enhancing buyer engagement through detailed, interactive maps.

Engaging Visual Experience

Elevate your property showcases with interactive maps, providing a clear visual representation of the development, allowing stakeholders to easily understand the layout, location of lots, amenities, and infrastructure.

Precise Property Location

Highlight the exact location and context of your properties, providing clarity and boosting buyer confidence with accurate, real-world visuals.

Ready to <span class="accent-font-green">Experience</span> LotWorks in Action?

Experience the power of LotWorks for homebuilders. See how our solutions can impact your project management and property marketing.


Find quick answers about how LotWorks specifically caters to the needs of homebuilders.
How does LotWorks Develop streamline the architectural approval process for homebuilders?

LotWorks Develop simplifies the approval process with efficient design tracking and communication tools, reducing approval times and keeping projects on schedule.

How does LotWorks Maps enhance the visualization of properties for potential buyers?

LotWorks Maps offers interactive, detailed maps that provide potential buyers with a realistic and engaging view of properties, enhancing their understanding and interest.

How does LotWorks assist in reducing approval times for building designs and permits?

LotWorks empowers developers to provide prompt feedback and approvals to builders, effectively closing communication gaps, minimizing revenue losses, and preventing costly construction delays.

What kind of support and training do you offer for new users of LotWorks Develop and Maps?

We are committed to providing continuous training for all new home builders joining our team throughout the entire lifespan of your development project. As part of our ongoing support, we will initiate complimentary one-on-one training sessions with new users and builders. Additionally, we remain readily available to ad

Client Testimonials

Hear from homebuilders who have successfully used LotWorks Develop and LotWorks Maps in their projects.
"LotWorks is an essential program and tool for Genesis in the management of our communities and builder groups. LotWorks supports the sale of lots in our communities and helps manage our builder groups requirements including sales, architectural controls and marketing initiatives. I would recommend Lotworks to any developer looking to streamline the management of their communities, builders and lots."
Brian Whitwell
SVP of Asset Management, Genesis Builders Group
"LotWorks has changed the way we do business, they have streamlined the process of managing, selling, and maintaining lots in all of our communities. The system is easy to use and has become a necessity in our day-to-day operations. The tracking, reporting, and all of the lot information you need is all at your fingertips which makes LotWorks indispensable."
Michelle Wilken
Development Coordinator, APEX Land
"The way we can customize the data to our specific needs, is fantastic! It does everything we wanted it to do. As a community developer, knowing what our guest builder’s, customer’s really want, so we can tailor our communities to what the end-customers are looking for."
Erren O’Leary
Senior Vice President, Lewis Management Corp.
"It’s very important for us to understand ongoing sales activity, pricing, and what the value of our land is. Oftentimes you have tools that will give you that information but not in a visual way and that’s really the power of LotWorks."
Matt Sauls
VP Marketing, Lewis Group of Companies
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