Optimizing Business Processes <span class="accent-font-blue">with LotWorks</span>

Unlock efficiency and strategic decision-making in property development and sales with LotWorks, your solution for streamlined business process improvement.
Efficiency in Every Decision

Navigating the Maze of Strategic Decisions

Deciding on the perfect timing for your next lot release or determining the ideal mix of product types can feel like navigating through a maze without a map. What's the real value of those lots to your builders? We're here to empower you with the tools to gather, analyze, and leverage crucial data, ensuring your decisions are made with confidence. Imagine the impact of equipping every member of your team, from executives to field employees, with real-time access to the information they need. LotWorks makes this a reality, transforming how your business operates and enhancing efficiency across the board.

Management Tools for the Modern Era

LotWorks is crafted to support management teams, providing features that enhance oversight, improve decision-making, and integrate seamlessly with your operational strategies.

Streamlined Lot Management

Efficiently automate various aspects of lot management, including tracking land parcels, managing zoning regulations, and monitoring infrastructure development, enhancing coordination across stakeholders and ensuring smoother project execution.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Manage and track lot purchase, status, and agreements seamlessly within a centralized platform, eliminating manual tasks and increasing visibility for the entire team, thus facilitating better decision-making.

Enhanced Communication and Collaboration

Work more efficiently with home builders by providing real-time lot updates and secure access to essential information, fostering transparent communication and collaboration, ultimately accelerating project timelines and boosting sales.
Lotworks Develop

Navigate Development with Confidence and Precision

LotWorks Develop transforms management challenges into strategic victories, serving as a data-driven compass for leadership. It simplifies monitoring critical KPIs, offering clarity and precision in decision-making with just a single click.

Strategic Evaluation

Instantly access detailed KPIs and project metrics, enabling you to monitor progress and make adjustments swiftly, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.

Automated Reporting Systems

Leave the guesswork behind. Our intuitive reporting studio delivers instant clarity on sales, builders, and your entire community's development progress. Make smarter, data-backed decisions that accelerate your success.
Lotworks MapS

Visual Strategy and Planning Enhancement

Understanding the full scope of development and sales activities often requires piecing together information from various sources, which can be time-consuming and imprecise. LotWorks Maps addresses this by offering visual tools that map out every aspect of your projects, providing clarity and aiding in strategic planning.

Collaboration Features

Enables collaboration between different stakeholders like developers, engineers and marketing teams.

Data Integration

Connects with existing data sources like CAD drawings and property databases for centralized information management.

Curious About <span class="accent-font-green">LotWorks</span> for Management?

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Get quick answers to common questions about LotWorks for management.
How does LotWorks Develop facilitate efficient project management?

LotWorks Develop offers comprehensive tools for tracking and managing projects, ensuring efficient workflow and timely completion.

How can LotWorks Maps aid in strategic planning for property development?

LotWorks Maps provides detailed visualizations of development projects, aiding management in strategic planning and resource allocation.

What tools does LotWorks offer for overseeing multiple projects?

LotWorks includes features for managing multiple projects simultaneously, offering advanced filtering, tracking, and data integration.

How does LotWorks assist in high-level decision-making and reporting?

LotWorks provides management with data-driven insights and comprehensive reporting tools, aiding in informed decision-making and effective communication.

What kind of support and training do you offer for new users of LotWorks in management?

We offer extensive support and training for new users of LotWorks, ensuring management teams can effectively utilize the platform's features for optimal project oversight.

Client Testimonials

Hear from management professionals who have successfully used LotWorks Develop and LotWorks Maps in their projects.
"LotWorks is an essential program and tool for Genesis in the management of our communities and builder groups. LotWorks supports the sale of lots in our communities and helps manage our builder groups requirements including sales, architectural controls and marketing initiatives. I would recommend Lotworks to any developer looking to streamline the management of their communities, builders and lots."
Brian Whitwell
SVP of Asset Management, Genesis Builders Group
"LotWorks has the bells and whistles we were looking for and it came in at the price that fit our budget."
Conor Howard
Senior Financial Analyst, Crown Community Development
"I’ve worked with Dream for over 30 years and we have been using Blueprint’s LotWorks system since 2012. LotWorks changed the way we do everything, from Accounting, to Architecturals, to Marketing, to Lot Inspections, to Purchase and Sales Agreements, our processes are now 100% streamlined and our entire Team and Builder partners have real time information available at their fingertips.”
Shavonne Doell
Director Architectural Control, Dream Asset Management
"LotWorks has changed the way we do business, they have streamlined the process of managing, selling, and maintaining lots in all of our communities. The system is easy to use and has become a necessity in our day-to-day operations. The tracking, reporting, and all of the lot information you need is all at your fingertips which makes LotWorks indispensable."
Michelle Wilken
Development Coordinator, APEX Land
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