Elevate Your Sales Strategy <span class="accent-font-blue">with LotWorks</span>

Revolutionize property sales with LotWorks' advanced tools, streamlining the entire process from lead tracking to closing while visually showcasing properties to attract and accelerate sales.
Closing Deals, Building Relationships

Streamlining Sales and Strengthening Connections

For sales teams, juggling various tasks from client inquiries to closing deals can often feel overwhelming. LotWorks simplifies this by offering a single platform where you can manage the entire sales process. From real-time tracking of visitor interest to the use of detailed maps for client presentations and instant contract generation, everything you need is at your fingertips. This support allows you to focus more on engaging clients and less on administrative tasks.

Key Features Tailored for Sales Success

LotWorks is meticulously crafted to empower sales teams, offering features that streamline client interactions, eliminate data chasing from builders, provide real-time insights, and seamlessly integrate with your sales strategy.

Interactive Development Visualization

Effortlessly visualize your entire development through an interactive map, enabling easy identification of lot status and availability, streamlining sales processes.

Comprehensive Inventory Management

Track and manage all aspects of your lot inventory, from pricing to construction progress, facilitating efficient sales management and informed decision-making.

Enhanced Sales Enablement

Empower your sales team with tools for lead tracking, offer generation, and contract management, alongside insightful reporting and online lot reservation capabilities, ensuring seamless and effective sales operations.
Lotworks Develop

Streamline Your Sales

Sales teams in land development and homebuilding often grapple with the challenges of keeping up with dynamic market trends and client needs. LotWorks Develop is designed to alleviate these pressures by providing a comprehensive toolkit that streamlines the sales process, from tracking client interactions to finalizing deals.

Streamlined Sales Tracking

Gain real-time insights into guest builder sales, allowing your sales team to track specific details such as who is selling what, home categories, pricing, and overbidding, enabling data-driven decision-making and enhanced sales strategies.

Trend Spotting and Timing Optimization

Empower your sales team to spot market trends effortlessly and optimize the timing of project phases, ensuring you're always ahead of the curve and can seize opportunities at the right moment.
Lotworks MapS

Transforming Property Sales with Interactive Visualization

Navigating client expectations and effectively presenting properties are key hurdles for sales professionals. LotWorks Maps allows you to deliver highly customizable, geospatial mapping technology to promote engagement with future home buyers while helping you drive and manage leads to your CRM.

Interactive Property Search

Enhance property discovery on LotWorks Maps, allowing home buyers to start their online search by choosing either a home or lot first for a streamlined, engaging experience.

Real-Time Sales Tracking and Reporting

Access critical sales data, including traffic reports and other key metrics, in real time, ensuring that you have the insights needed to make informed decisions.

Curious About <span class="accent-font-green">LotWorks</span> for Sales?

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Get quick answers to common questions about LotWorks for homebuilding and development sales.
How does LotWorks Develop enhance client management in sales?

LotWorks Develop offers efficient tools for managing client data and interactions, streamlining communication, and enhancing client relationships.

How can LotWorks Maps improve property presentations for sales?

LotWorks Maps provides interactive, detailed visualizations of properties, making presentations more engaging and informative for potential buyers.

What tools does LotWorks offer for tracking sales progress?

LotWorks includes features for real-time sales tracking, ensuring you always have the latest information on client interactions and sales status.

How does LotWorks assist in personalizing the sales approach?

LotWorks provides data-driven insights, allowing sales professionals to tailor their approach based on client preferences and behaviors.

What kind of support and training do you offer for new users of LotWorks in sales?

We offer comprehensive support and training for new users of LotWorks, ensuring sales professionals can maximize the benefits of our tools in their sales strategy.

Client Testimonials

Hear from sales professionals who have successfully used LotWorks Develop and LotWorks Maps in their projects.
"I’ve worked with Dream for over 30 years and we have been using Blueprint’s LotWorks system since 2012. LotWorks changed the way we do everything, from Accounting, to Architecturals, to Marketing, to Lot Inspections, to Purchase and Sales Agreements, our processes are now 100% streamlined and our entire Team and Builder partners have real time information available at their fingertips.”
Shavonne Doell
Director Architectural Control, Dream Asset Management
"It’s very important for us to understand ongoing sales activity, pricing, and what the value of our land is. Oftentimes you have tools that will give you that information but not in a visual way and that’s really the power of LotWorks."
Matt Sauls
VP Marketing, Lewis Group of Companies
"The way we can customize the data to our specific needs, is fantastic! It does everything we wanted it to do. As a community developer, knowing what our guest builder’s, customer’s really want, so we can tailor our communities to what the end-customers are looking for."
Erren O’Leary
Senior Vice President, Lewis Management Corp.
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